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lalalaleism asked: i understands...and write on FUCK THAT WALL.

I plan on it.

I have a few ideas kicking around in my head at the moment. I just need to get some time to sit and write without being bothered.

A bit hard as I moved back in with my mother to help her pay bills and such, but I know I can do it soon, now that my money issues are not at critical-fucking-mass anymore :P

And thanks for the encouragement, its always nice to hear.

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lalalaleism asked: why the secrecy thou?

Its not really that secret, I just don’t like my tumblrs to overlap :P

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Did I miss something?

Because I keep getting weird looks from people when I pause a second or two to hold doors open for them. God forbid they follow me through several doors - the looks just intensify. And this seems to be the case for both males and females. I just don’t get it. Are they surprised? Insulted? Dunno. I guess I should ask the next time I get the stink eye for being polite.